Gathering in Love on Holy Wednesday

This coming Sunday (April 9) the church moves into a special season of reflection on the passion of Jesus Christ known as Holy Week. This week involves several different services which help us think about the meaning of Christ’s crucifixion in our lives as we prepare for the celebration of his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, we will continue our tradition of starting these services with a Wesleyan Love Feast. The Love Feast, or Agape Meal, is a Christian fellowship meal recalling the meals Jesus shared with disciples during his ministry and expressing the koinonia (community, sharing, fellowship) enjoyed by the family of Christ. Our Love Feast is a time to come together to share with one another what Christ means to us.

We are asking participants to bring a dish to share with one another (nothing fancy and running through the drive-through is perfectly okay) which we will serve to one another as a means of understanding our call to both serve and be served. Also bring a story, a song, or some other means by which you can share what Christ means to your life. We will share communion together in the breaking of the bread, and we believe that Christ is revealed to us in this holy feast.

The Love Feast will begin at 6 p.m. in the Welcome Center. ALL are welcome to come experience Christ’s love as we gather around the table for a holy feast.

For more information, email Jay Voorhees at or call the church office at (615) 868-1673.

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