Projected Leadership Team for 2021

Church Council Leadership:
Church Council Chairperson — Bobbie Garrett
Church Council Vice-Chair — Jim Neely
Lay Leaders — Faye & Philip Brown
Recording Secretary — Ruth Woodall
Lay Member to Annual Conference — Jerry Armour
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference — Nathan Baker
Treasurer/Membership Secretary — Joy Campbell
Financial Secretary — Ann Howard
Church Council At-Large Members — Jim Walden & Bob Garrett

Discipleship Related Teams (Growing in Christ):
The “Discipleship” area of our ministries, is focused on those ministries which help people become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Disciples are those who wish to follow in the way of Jesus and to structure their lives on Christ’s teachings. The work of discipleship is the forming of people in the way of Jesus, helping them to grow in their love of God and neighbor. This work is the primary mission of the United Methodist Church, which says that we are about “…making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Spiritual Formation Team — Emily Stinson
Discovery and Connect Team — Zan Martin
Worship Ministries Team — Anita Bingaman & Janet Pasinger

Sharing Related Teams (Sharing God’s Love):
The City Road Chapel United Methodist Church has a deep and abiding missional ethos, and we’ve been recognized in our community for taking seriously the provisions of Matthew 25 to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and visit the sick and imprisoned. As we’ve considered our sharing ministries, the Nominations and Lay Leadership Committee envisions the following structure for our life together:

Community Connections Team — Jim Neely

Prayer and Care Ministries Team — Anita Kay Schofill

Resource Stewards:
The Book of Discipline mandates the creation of 4 committees to oversee the management of the resources of the church. These stewards are charged with both providing the resources needed to carry out the work of the church, and managing those resources so that they are not wasted. Both the mandate from The Discipline and the fact that they are dealing with money, staff, assets, etc. can give these committees great power in determining the direction of the church. However, the more correct understanding is that these committees are servants to the work of discipleship and sharing. Their work is not about managing the church, but rather working with our ministry teams to ensure that discipleship and sharing are happening by providing the resources needed for that work.

Finance Team:
The Finance Committee oversees all of the financial dealings of the congregation, working to ensure that adequate resources are raised to meet ministry needs and obligations, and ensuring that all gifts are used wisely and kept secure. This committee does not have a rotation requirement, and many members of the committee serve due to other roles in the church.

Chairperson — Roy Jones
Secretary — TBD
Lay Leaders — Faye and Philip Brown
Church Council Chair — Bobbie Garrett
SPRC Chair — Bill Howard
Trustees Representative — TBD
Treasurer — Joy Campbell
Financial Secretary — Ann Howard
At-Large Members — Judy Wilson, Joy Luthy & Mary Lou Markham

Lay Leadership & Nominations Team
The Nominations and Lay Leadership Team is charged with providing the structure and persons necessary to carrying out the work of the church. This includes evaluating our current structure and proposing changes as needed to the Church Council for review and adoption, recruiting leaders to oversee the work of ministry in our church, and training persons so that they are prepared for the task of leadership.

Chairperson: Sr. Pastor
2022 — Faye Brown & TBD
2122 — Fran Mace & Janet Pasinger
2123 — Bill Howard & Jane Armour

Ex-Officio: Appointed Pastor, Lay Leader

Staff Parish Relations Committee:
The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) serves as the liaison between the congregation and the appointed clergy of the church. They are also the group that determines staffing needs and makes provision (in conversation with the Finance Committee) for those staff needs.

Chairperson — Bill Howard
2021 — Sam Moore*, Mike Schofill & Martha Love Underwood
2022 — Juanita Howell, Mae Helen Diamond, Peggy Hickman
2023 — Mac Smith, Bill Howard

Ex-Officio: Lay Leader and Lay Member to Annual Conference

*Young adult member as required by the Book of Discipline

The Trustees are charged with the oversight of the real assets of the church, such as our buildings, properties, and investments, held in trust for the Annual Conference. They also serve as the official “corporate” officers of the church in any legal situations that arise.

Chairperson: TBD
2021 — Mel Shoaf, Judy Milam
2022 — Robert Roberts, Patsy Elder, Randy Moore
2023 — Barry Jones & TBD

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