MHNC Welcome Bags

Guest Welcome Bags One of the things that we offer for our guests as they enter the MHMC program is a bag with items that will help welcome them into the program, providing for some basic needs. Making the Bag We need you to pick up a reusable grocery tote from the store (Aldi’s 99 … Read more

Helping the Mobile Housing Navigation Center

Would you like to help with the work of the Mobile Housing Navigation Center? Here are a few needs you can assist with: Prayers! The needs of the residents of the MHNC are varied and many come with various levels of trauma, mental health issues, and addictions. These are people who desperately need the prayers … Read more

Housing Navigation Center Update for 1/26/2022

Well, we had hoped to move folks into the center this past Monday, but identifying and making arrangements to move folks in took a bit longer than we had hoped. However, we learned today that our first guest will be arriving tomorrow and that we should receive 3 more guests on Monday. Please pray for … Read more

Housing Navigation Center Update for 12/29/2021

Well, we had hoped to have things up and running before the first of the year but several things slowed us down: The delay in the shipping of parts for our upgraded fire alarm system. A delay in hiring staff And, of course, the normal slowdowns that happen during the holidays! We got word this … Read more

Mobile Housing Navigation Center

The Mobile Housing Navigation Center was created as a partnership of the Metro Nashville Homeless Impact Division, Community Care Fellowship, Bellevue United Methodist Church, and City Road Chapel UMC. The goal of this project is to provide transitional housing for up to 15 people per site for up to 90 days as they move toward … Read more