Helping the Mobile Housing Navigation Center

Would you like to help with the work of the Mobile Housing Navigation Center?
Here are a few needs you can assist with:

  • Prayers!
    The needs of the residents of the MHNC are varied and many come with various levels of trauma, mental health issues, and addictions. These are people who desperately need the prayers of the faithful as the move from life on the streets toward one that’s more stable. And, our staff need your prayers as the walk alongside those who are being helped.
  • Welcome Bags
    Whenever a new guest moves into the MHNC they receive a bag with a variety of items to welcome them and help the to adjust to their surroundings. Click here for guidance on how to create and fill these bags.
  • Table Fellowship
    We are in the process of recruiting groups to provide a weekly “family meal” for our guests in the MHNC. The goal of this meal is to create friendships between the residents and others in the community that can develop into communities of support. Groups will need to provide food for around 25 people (depending on how many folks come to serve) and plan on eating dinner with our guests.
  • Donations
    Of course, we are always needing financial donations to assist with resources for our residents. Perhaps the greatest need are funds for all-day bus passes that our residents can use to get to work, visit the doctor, or all the other tasks that help them move toward permanent housing. You are welcome to give online by clicking here.