Summer of Love Series

Summer of Love — Eros: The Practice of Passion

Episode 5 In this episode, Jay Voorhees looks at another Greek word for love, Eros, and thinks about the place ...
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Summer of Love — Storge: The Practice of Kinship

Episode 4 Jay Voorhees continues with the Summer of Love podcast, talking about Storge, the Greek word for familial love used in ...
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Summer of Love — Philia: The Practice of Friendship

Episode 3 In this episode Jay Voorhees considers the example of the friendship between Jonathan and David, suggesting that friendship ...
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Summer of Love — Xenia: The Practice of Hospitality

Episode 2 In this episode of the Summer of Love series, Jay Voorhees unpacks the Greek word Xenia, which is the ...
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Summer of Love — What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Episode 1 The church talks a lot about love but do we really know what love means? Today we start ...
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