Helping the Homeless

Several years ago we realized that City Road Chapel was surrounded by neighbors who were homeless and living on the streets or in encampments. Our church was moved by the needs of these persons who have been often left behind by the broader society, and have engaged in a variety of services to help those who have no place to call come. They include:

The Feast Community Mealwhich is a free dinner open to all held on the 4th Sunday of each month at 5 p.m. We also distribute meals that day to people living in low-income housing in the area.
Showers of Blessingwhich provides showers, laundry service, food bags, and other services for folks in need every Monday and Wednesday from 7 a.m. – noon.
The Mobile Housing Navigation Center, which is a transitional living space for 14 men and women offering a place to stay and staff support to help move them into a more stable housing situation.
Roll On! is our program to help people get to the place where they need to be through distributing all-day bus passes. We currently distribute well over 100 passes per month so that folks can go to the doctor, to court, and all the other things that help them to move forward.
City Road Chapel also partners with other community agencies who help to address the needs of the homeless community. 
Currently our building provides office space for Open Table Nashville, and the Homeless Impact Division of Metro Nashville Social ServicesWe are also engaged in an active partnership with Community Care Fellowship with our Showers of Blessing and Mobile Housing Navigation Center, and are a found member of Christian Cooperative Ministries which provides food and clothing support to anyone in need.

Folks regularly ask how they can contribute to our ministries with homeless persons. Click here to visit our current wishlist of items we most often need.


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