Welcome to City Road Chapel!

Pastor Jay Voorhees with his daughter Anna

We are so glad that you have dropped by to learn about God’s work here at the corner of Gallatin and Neely’s Bend roads. For almost 100 years City Road Chapel has been on this corner as a proclamation of God’s love to the people of Madison. Whether you are currently sitting in the sanctuary waiting for the service to start or dropping by via the web in preparation for a visit, we are happy to welcome you to this place and look forward to hearing how God is at work in your life.

The primary gatherings of the community here at City Road Chapel occur every Sunday morning at 8 and 10 a.m. Our 8 a.m. Legacy service is a shorter (generally 45 minutes) and more “traditional” with music drawn from the United Methodist Hymnal and played on the organ and piano. Our 10 a.m. Celebrate service is what some would call blended worship, with music drawn from both traditional and contemporary sources, led by a praise band.

While we currently don’t see a lot of children on Sundays, we absolutely love them and hope that they will be a part of our worshipping community. While we are always encouraging parents to keep their children in worship, we understand that it can be difficult for some. So, to help out our parents, we maintain a Childcare Center on the 1st Floor from 8 – 11:30 a.m. for newborns through preschool age children. We encourage parents to keep children in Kindergarten and older in the regular worship service so that they will begin to experience and learn the traditions of faith.

Our campus involves 4 buildings, which can make getting around a little challenging. Since the parking lot is in the back, most folks enter the sanctuary through the doors on each side of the chancel (the stage) area. Those are the doors you will need to use if you need to find a restroom, and it’s perfectly okay for you to use those exits during the service if you have need. Once you exit those doors, the restrooms are in the building to your right.

Last but not least, we really hope we can have an opportunity to be in touch with you in the future to express our appreciation for your checking us out. We promise that we won’t hound you or show up at your door out of the blue, but we would like the chance to send you information about our church. If you could leave us your contact information in the Pew Pad as it passes by, we’d appreciate it. You can also leave us your information by completing the form below. 

Thanks again for dropping by. May God bless you in a wonderful way in the days ahead.


Jay Voorhees
Lead Pastor


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