Easter Sunday 2023

Easter is the annual celebration of Christ’s resurrection to life after His crucifixion and death. The day is also called Resurrection Sunday. The ancient Christian name for this festival is Pasch, derived from the Hebrew pesah (“deliverance” or “passover”), thus connecting the Resurrection to the Exodus. The origin of the English word Easter is disputed but may come from the Anglo–Saxon spring goddess Eastre and her festival.

The resurrection of Jesus is a central belief in Christian faith and practice as it represents God’s triumph over the power of sin and death in the world. This is a celebration of the new life offered to all by God’s grace. Easter Sunday is the beginning of “The Great 50 Days,” a time of joyous celebration that culminates on Pentecost Sunday.

City Road Chapel invites all who are seeking to draw closer to God and experience God’s transformative power to join us for this very special service of worship. We believe that God (our higher power) desires that all are fully transformed into who God created them to be, and the resurrection bears witness to the grace that God offers to bring chance and redemption to our lives.

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