3 Reasons to attend the Vespers Midweek Prayer Service

vespersEvery Wednesday at 6 p.m. a small and faithful group has been gathering in our chapel for a time of worship, prayer, and conversation that we call Vespers. This gathering, which lasts an hour, has been a rich experience for all involved because it’s an opportunity to reflect in community on the scriptures as well as an intimate experience of sharing our needs and concerns. Here are three reasons why we think you should consider joining us:

  1. This is an opportunity to talk back to the pastor and tell him he’s wrong
    Each week I lead a conversation on a different passage from the scriptures (we are currently working our way through the stories of Jesus found in Mark’s gospel). While I can stumble into being preachy, this time of lectio divina (divine reading) is a place where we ALL approach the scriptures on an equal footing, and it’s perfectly appropriate for you to ask hard questions, challenge interpretations, and share your own opinions on the meaning of the text. Come add to the conversation.
  2. Weekly Communion
    John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, believed that we should receive communion as often since the holy feast is a primary means of receiving the Holy Spirit into us. Our weekly communion time is low key and casual, but offers the opportunity to share in a sacred meal each week for a midweek pick up.
  3. Intimate Prayer
    We believe that it is important for members of Christ’s body to be engaged in prayer together as a means of furthering God’s kingdom. Our prayer times offer a chance to lift up the needs of friends and family in a context where ALL are invited to pray together. There is something unifying in the act of praying as a group, and you will be blessed by the connections that are formed in the act of prayer.

I can say without reservation that the community connections that have formed through the Vespers service have been nurturing and transformative, and we believe that you will be blessed by joining in this special time. Take a Wednesday and try it out, because we believe God is indeed at work in this sacred time.

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