Weddings at City Road Chapel UMC

The marriage of two persons represents an important step in one’s life, and we celebrate with you the decision to marry. The people of the City Road Chapel United Methodist Church (CRCUMC) welcome the opportunity to share with you in this celebration. We know that the decision to marry is not an easy one, and we look forward expectantly to see how God will bless your union together.

The decision to marry in the church suggests that you have some sense of God’s presence in your marriage. The image of marriage has been an important one throughout the history of the church. Jesus’ first miracle (according to the Gospel of John) was performed at a wedding. Jesus is often described as a bridegroom and the church as his bride who is waiting expectantly for his coming. The covenant between a husband and wife is much like the covenant between God and God’s people, and is a sacred and holy event.

It is in this context that we provide this guide to weddings at CRCUMC. We believe that Christian marriage is a sacred covenant, much like the covenant of baptism, and thus any service of marriage is a worship service to God. All parts of the wedding service should reflect this reality.

Our goal in establishing the policies contained in this handbook is to ensure that God’s purposes are carried out in your wedding. The policies help to establish proper boundaries, and also assist you in the difficult (and often frustrating) process of planning your wedding. We ask that you read through these guidelines carefully, and make copies available to all persons involved in the wedding (including the photographer, caterer, videographer, and florist). Taking time to review these policies will ensure a much smoother planning process.

The people of CRCUMC are grateful for the opportunity to share with you in the celebration of your marriage. We pray for God’s blessing on you and your marriage, knowing that God will be with us all as we gather together on your wedding day.

In Christ,
Reverend Jay Voorhees
Senior Pastor


Click here to download the Wedding Handbook in PDF format

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