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Our Vision…
The City Road Chapel United Methodist Church is a community of disciples of Jesus Christ committed to growing in Christ and sharing God’s love leading us to make a difference in Madison.

Where We’ve Been
City Road Chapel has been a witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ in Madison, TN since 1796. During those years, City Road has seen several different locations and buildings arise, leading to a campus today with four buildings constructed between the 1930’s and the 1990’s. Through it all God has been faithful, seeing us through both times of abundance and times of scarcity.

Of course, buildings fail to convey the full scope of God’s work of hope and healing. Throughout our history, City Road Chapel has taken seriously God’s call to minister to the “least of these,” and has taken a leadership role in ministry with children and youth in the community. For over 58 years City Road has been engaged in supporting children and families through early education programs. City Road hosts groups dedicated to addiction recovery, offers hospitality to the impoverished through our Community Meal, Room in the Inn, and other programs for those in need. The desire to carry out God’s mission in Madison has been strong for the people of City Road Chapel.

Where We Are
We recognize that churches are called to different seasons of ministry. At this time in our life together we believe that City Road’s current season must focus on the calling to proclaim the love of God and to offer healing to those who struggle in our surrounding community. As we’ve talked and prayed together, we’ve identified two areas of focus for living out God’s call at this time:

  • Helping children and youth experience Gods love in a safe environment and providing relationships and resources that move them toward spiritual maturity and success.
  • Offering Gods love to the homeless and impoverished of Madison, building relationships and providing resources to support the least of theseand help them move toward physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

These two ministry focus areas are influencing how we structure our life together at City Road and provide a guidepost for how we configure our facilities for God’s work in Madison. In some cases, we are already engaged in the work above. In other cases, we are casting a vision of new ministries. In both cases, we recognize that we are entering into a new season of God’s work, and that it has become time to renew and reconfigure our facilities to better carry out that work.

The Need
As we move forward in our work with children and youth and in helping the homeless and impoverished of our community, we recognize that a significant tool for ministry — our 4 building campus — must be renewed and refurbished for God’s work. While the needs are never ending, our Trustees have identified the following priorities at the current time for restoring our facilities

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) of the Educational Building
After many years of patching a deteriorating HVAC system in the Educational Building, in 2015 we were forced to replace that system. Given the importance of this building to our ministry with children through the Child Development Center (CDC) and Mother’s Day Out programs, as well as other church ministries, our church borrowed $600,000 from the United Methodist Foundation of the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences. We are seeking to raise funds to pay down this debt.

HVAC in the Fellowship Center (Gym)
While our Fellowship Center is our newest building, it’s now over 20 years old, and the original HVAC units on the roof have reached the end of their life cycle and must be replaced. (Estimated cost: $105,000)

Addressing Water Intrusion Issues in the Neely’s Bend and Sanctuary Buildings
The ability to use the Neely’s Bend and Sanctuary buildings is hindered by ongoing issues of water seeping through the stone facade and foundation. These must be fixed to improve the usability of these spaces for ministry. (Estimated cost: $100,000)

Repurposing Space for New Nursery and Godly Play Center
Currently accessing our nursery and younger children’s educational spaces is difficult for parents, and we are proposing to use the two rooms under the Sanctuary for the creation of a Children’s Discipleship Center that is more easily accessible to parents. (Estimated cost: $20,000)

The Plan
This spring we are conducting a capital campaign, “Ready, Set, Go” with a goal of securing pledges of $600,000 to be received over the next three years.

Our Trustees and Finance Team have directed that the proceeds of this campaign be directed toward first paying down (or off) our debt, with any additional funds raised beyond that amount being directed toward building repair and maintenance priorities as determined by our Trustees.

We are asking that everyone begin to prayerfully consider how we will participate in this important effort in the life of the church.

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