The church is like any institution — there are financial realities that come with following the mission to grow in Christ and share God’s love. In the United Methodist Church, the Finance Committee is charged with overseeing managing the financial resources of the church, both in raising the funds to carry out our ministries and making sure that those funds are used in a responsible manner. This committee of 10-12 people oversee the policies and procedures for how we collect and use our money, review the monthly financial statements, and create a yearly budget that reflects our ministry priorities. Millie Grammer is the chairperson of the Finance Committee in 2018.

All of our financial records are open for review by any member with the exception of any that contain confidential personnel information. We want to be transparent about how we spend our money, and as such are posting our monthly financial statements and yearly audit reports on-line for your review.

If you have questions about our church’s finances, please contact our Office Manager, Jimmie Douglas; our Finance Committee Chair, Millie Grammer; our treasurer, Joy Campbell; or our pastor, Jay Voorhees. Click on their names to send them an email.

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