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Application for Employment at City Road Chapel UMC
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Please describe the position you are applying for...
Please list your previous employers from the past 5 years. Include the job title, the name and address of the organization, and the dates employed in each position.
Please list any relevant volunteer position you have held and list the duties you performed in each position, the name of your supervisor, the address and phone number of the volunteer organization, and the dates of your volunteer service.
Please list your academic achievements, including schools attended, degrees earned, and dates of completion
Please list any courses taken and dates of completion
Please list any that you have membership is
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This information will be kept confidential and only used in evaluating your suitability for the position you are applying for.
Please list three individuals who are not related by blood or marriage who have known you at least 2 years. Please include their name, phone number and/or email address, and their relationship to you.

We will conduct an investigation into whether you have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor. Under our policy convictions may or may not disqualify you from a volunteer or staff position. The decisions will be made very carefully, on a case by case basis, considering the facts of the convictions and the role for which you are applying. Your failure to disclose past convictions will disqualify you from obtaining employment at the City Road Chapel United Methodist Church.

I hereby certify that the information that I have provided on this application for employment is true and correct. I authorize the church to verify the information I have provided on this application by contacting the references and employers I have listed, by conducting a criminal records check, or by other means, including contacting others whom I have not listed. I authorize the references and employers listed in this application to give you whatever information they may have regarding my character and fitness for the job for which I have applied. Furthermore, I waive any rights I may have to confidentiality from those persons listed on this application.

In the event that my application is accepted and I become employed by the City Road Chapel United Methodist Church, I agree to abide by and be bound by the policies of the church and to refrain from inappropriate conduct in the performance of my duties on behalf of the church.

I have read this waiver and the entire application, and I am fully aware of its contents. I sign this consent freely and under no duress or coercion.

This constitutes your official approval of this application.
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We conduct background checks on all employees. Please complete the information below, and click here to review your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act prior to completing this form.

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By signing below, I certify\” (1) that I have read and fully understand this disclosure and authorization; (2) that all of the information I am providing is true, complete and accurate; and (3) that I have clicked on the Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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