City Road Child Development Centers enrichment programs include Music, Movement and Simple Sign Language. Each of these programs play a huge role in the overall development of a young mind and active body.


Our music program is unique in that it is based on Early Childhood Education precepts. The children sing, dance, jump & play and make their own instruments. We have live performances in the spring and winter. Music is a great tool to teach basic concepts and skills, and enhance confidence, self esteem and working with others.




In our movement program we want to get those brains moving just as much as our bodies moving! We all know it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle, and physical activity is necessary to achieve that goal. We know that most kids need to move in order to learn. The great resource that we use is GoNoodle. GoNoodle is an online game that creates an efficient and effective way to provide physical exercise.

Sign Language

The curriculum we use for our Sign Language program is based on Babies First 100 Words, which is a list of words/signs for beginners to American Sign Language. The children expand their communication skills through learning a new language and expressing themselves by promoting their visual memory skills.

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