Do you want your child participating in a Curriculum program that is aligned with the highest quality standards in Early Childhood Education? Here at City Road CDC we use Funshine Curriculum. Our curriculum is based upon the Tennessee Early Learning Developmental Standards (TNELDS).

• The families are involved in the child’s learning. Newsletters, calendars, book lists, blog articles and much more, to keep you informed. Children with involved parents do better in school, and show stronger social skills.

• Our teachers spend more time each day interacting with children, and less time prepping and planning.

We use developmentally appropriate practices to nurture the whole child, through spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of each child. The theories of early childhood education are used to implement the curriculum.

Teaching young children is a creative process. An early childhood curriculum provides the framework for what happens in an environment where children interact with materials, peers, and adults. They will acquire the skills and abilities needed for a lifetime of learning through carefully planned, developmentally appropriate activities arranged.

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