Thinking about the Harvest

Yesterday we finished up our series on the Fruit of the Spirit. We finished by looking at the last fruit — self control, but then I tried to wrap up the series talking about harvesting. I’m not sure I really did that justice, so here are some thoughts about the harvest when you have some time to listen to them. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

What does/will the harvest look like at City Road Chapel?

What are we doing to help fruit grow so that the harvest can begin?


City Road Worship: Easter Sunday 2018

This is the scripture and sermon from the Celebrate Service on April 1, 2018 (Easter Sunday) at the City Road Chapel United Methodist Church in Madison, TN. Rev. Jay Voorhees offers the message, titled “Punked By Jesus.” Ms. Suzanne Wheeler is the liturgist.

For more information on this sermon and services at City Road Chapel UMC, please email Rev. Voorhees at

Summer of Love — Storge: The Practice of Kinship

Episode 4

Jay Voorhees continues with the Summer of Love podcast, talking about Storge, the Greek word for familial love used in the New Testament. What does it mean to be “kin” together? How do we understand ourselves as part of God’s family? What can Ruth teach us about being a family?

Summer of Love — Philia: The Practice of Friendship

Episode 3

In this episode Jay Voorhees considers the example of the friendship between Jonathan and David, suggesting that friendship is the practice field for where we learn how to love God and neighbor.

Summer of Love — Xenia: The Practice of Hospitality

Episode 2

In this episode of the Summer of Love series, Jay Voorhees unpacks the Greek word Xenia, which is the form of love found in hospitality. Hospitality is the first step toward embracing a holistic understanding of love.

City Road Worship: Bearing Fruit (7/10/2016)

Sr. Pastor Jay Voorhees preaches from Colossians 1:1-4 and talks about bearing fruit.

  • Are you asking if you are bearing fruit?
  • What might some of the reasons be that you aren’t bearing fruit as an individual, or we as a congregation?

Note: Due to music licensing restrictions we do not share the full worship service.