Bar and Restaurant Workers Help Fund

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought forth great changes in our lives, and those who work in the restaurant and service industry have been hit hard. The City Road Chapel Bar and Restaurant Worker Fund is our attempt to help address the needs of those who serve us regularly in by providing resources to help ease their burden while they are out of work.

We are encouraging all who appreciate those servers to make a donation to this fund. Think about what you might tip or spend on drinks in an average month, and give that amount. Or, if God has been good to you, dig deeper to help our friends in a tough bind.

Click here to make a donation to this fund. 

We are still developing this fund, so funds are currently limited, but persons working in the bar and restaurant industry are welcome to apply for assistance. The scope of that assistance is not completely clear at this time, but we are hoping to provide Kroger/Walmart cards for grocery assistance and would like to be able to offer other help depending on the level of giving.

To make an application for receiving assistance you must be able to:

  • Prove residency and/or employment in the following zip codes: 37115, 37216, 37138, 37206, 37214
  • Provide a letter from your employer that you are an active employee who has been laid off due to the closings from the COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

We have received more applications than we have resources. Please invite folks to donate to the fund so that we can continue to help others. 


  1. I would like to apply for assistance. My husband and I both work in the service industry and our places of work are closed due to Covid19. We have 3 children living at home we have to provide for. How do I get an application for this fund?
    Tara Orr

  2. I am a active bartender in a bar that was closed last night by the metro health dept due to covid19, we don’t have any reopen date yet. How can I apply for assistance

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