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RSVP today for our On The Road Again Rally Sunday

RallySunday_jama2-01On Sunday, October 26, 2014, City Road Chapel will be gathering for a special Sunday focused on our commitments to ministry through our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness through our On The Road Again Rally Sunday. 

We’ll begin that morning in worship, joined by a very special guest preacher, the Rev. Harriet Bryan, District Superintendent of the Nashville District. Harriet will be challenging us to think about our calling to carry out God’s work in our neighborhood, and we will be sharing together in a litany of commitment to the work of City Road. These will be meaningful services — both at 8 and 10 a.m. — and you will not want to miss them.

Following our 10 a.m. Celebrate! worship service, we will gather in the Fellowship Center for a very special celebration luncheon, featuring “road food” and a variety of special entertainment. This is a great time to gather together as a church body to affirm our commitment to one another and to meet Jesus along the way in “the breaking of the bread.”

RSVP today using the form below to let us know you are coming. This is going to be a great event in the life of our church as we rally together to better carry out our call to grow in Christ and share God’s love.

Fall Festival on October 18


Come join us in hosting a great event for the kids in our neighborhood. This is not a fundraiser! No, this is a moment of hospitality to welcome area children and their families to check out our church. We will have bouncy houses, a free cupcake walk, and all sorts of other games a crafts to engage kids of all ages. Make sure to get this on your calendar and come meet our neighbors. The event will be on October 18 from 2-5 p.m. in the parking lot.


Volunteers needed for “Fun Run” outreach

The Neely’s Bend Fun Run will be coming up very soon, and City Road is reaching out to our neighbors by assisting with this important event. The Run will be on October 19 at 1 p.m. at Peeler Park in Neely’s Bend and we will have a table to hand out grapes and to introduce our church to local participants. We need volunteers to meet, greet, and hand out grapes. If you can help please click here to email Emily Reeves Grammer.

Beersheba Extravaganza on Oct. 12

cookiesOn Sunday, October 12, immediately following the 10 a.m. service, we will be gathering in the Fellowship Center for our Beersheba Fundraising Extravaganza, featuring a ham/bean/cornbread luncheon, and our first ever (at least in a long, long while) Cookie Auction, hosted by Pastor Jay.

All of our cookie kings and queens need to fire up the ovens to cook up their special recipes, for this is a contest to see who is the best cookie baker in our church (as determined by the highest bidder!). You need to bake a dozen or so to auction off, and another dozen for us to break up for the tasting feast, prior to the auction. Bring your cookies on a plate or in a container that can go with the auctioned cookies (special consideration WILL be given for presentation!!!) and see if you can convince your fellow City Roaders to bid high on YOUR very special cookies.

There will also be some additional special guests for entertainment, so you won’t want to miss this great time of food, fun, and fellowship. All the proceeds go to help offset the costs of our Beersheba retreat.

Community Meal on 9/28

dinner_8652cOur next Madison Community Meal will be this Sunday evening, September 28, 2014 at 5 p.m. This is an opportunity to break bread with our neighbors as we share God’s love in Madison, and we want to invite you to come join in the meal, or to volunteer for this great event.

The Community Meal was born out of a need. The end of the month is a difficult time for many as Social Security income begins to run out and money gets tight. The Community Meal represents an attempt to stretch those dollars a little further by offering a free hot meal to those in need.

However, more than that, the Community Meal allows our church an opportunity to meet and talk with those of our neighbors who may feel uncomfortable coming to Sunday morning worship, but who want and need to experience the love of Christ first-hand. It’s a great time to reach out and listen to the needs, hopes, hurts, and dreams of these neighbors as we all make our way through our lives together.

For CRC members, we need around 20 volunteers each month to offer the type of hospitality we wish to offer. If you want to help out, click here to e-mail Emily Reeves Grammer and let her know.

Come join in this amazing feast of food and God’s love!

On The Road Again — Moving Forward to Grow in Christ and Share God’s Love

OTR_3x3-01During the month of October we will be entering a special season at City Road to think about our journey of faith together, and to renew our sense of commitment to the ministries of our church through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.

As United Methodists we are people who believe that we are called to journey together on the road together as we work to grow in Christ and share God’s love. Sometimes we get distracted along the way. Our On The Road Again campaign is a call to regain our purpose and calling to be Christ’s body here in Madison. This is a time for us to look together at life on the road, and move forward toward being who God wants us to be.

Each Sunday we’ll be examining a different “road story” in the Bible, as well as hearing from folks in the City Road family who will be sharing about City Road’s place in their own journeys of faith.

This will all culminate with our special Road Rally Sunday on October 26, 2014. The Rev. Harriet Bryan, our Nashville District Superintendent will be bringing a message of hope and challenge, and all will be invited to renew their own faith and commitment to the work of City Road Chapel UMC. Following our 10 a.m. service we will gather for a special Rally Sunday Celebration Luncheon in the Fellowship Center, which will feature “road food” and special entertainment.

For more information on our On The Road Again campaign, please contact Jay Voorhees or Emily Reeves Grammer at (615) 868-1673.

We hope that all of us in the City Road family are ready to hit the road. Come join us in this amazing journey of faith.

Men’s Steak Night

SteakNight1The next bi-monthly Men’s Steak Night will be on Thursday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m.

If you’ve not yet attended this is a night of great food and fellowship as the men of the church gather to learn about God’s place in their lives, and how they can serve our community. The cost is $10 and includes a juicy steak, salad, baked potato, drink and dessert.

Click here to e-mail your reservation for this wonderful event, or call the church office at (615) 868-1673 before September 15.

For more information on this event, contact Nathan Baker at

Moved in the gut

Yesterday, Jim Neely and I loaded up in his truck before sunrise and headed south to visit the City Road youth serving the needy of the Cumberland Mountains through their week with Mountain T.O.P. Ministries. I’m always blessed when I get to hang out with kids who are living out Christ’s call to love our neighbors, and we had a great day visiting 8 different job sites and driving almost 350 miles in the course of the day.

One of the things that became clear as we traveled from Baker Mountain to Pikeville to Dunlap to McMinnville to Doyle was that there continue to be great needs throughout our area. During the course of the day we met the sick and lonely, folks without electricity and running water, and people who live day in and day out with poverty around them. Our kids (and the kids from across the country working with them) did a great job of representing Christ’s love and working on the small projects they were given, but their work is just a drop in the bucket of the needs throughout our state . . . including our own neighborhood of Madison.

It’s easy in the midst of the need to experience “compassion fatigue.” It’s not that we don’t want to help others — we absolutely do. But there comes a point where we get worn out by all the needs, and we’re not sure we can carry on anymore.

Jesus understood those feelings. The gospels tell us that he tried to get away from the crowds filled with needs to regroup and renew. However, as he looked in the faces of the needy, the scriptures tell us that he “had compassion upon the crowds.” The Greek word we translate as “compassion” literally means “moved in one’s stomach,” that is, Jesus felt the needs of those around him in his gut . . . and in that was empowered to offer love in spite of his fatigue.

Are you moved in your gut by the needs of those who live around and among us? Are we empowered by God’s spirit to reach through our fatigue and offer Christ’s love however we can? What is our passion for the least and lost that walk and drive past our church every day.

My prayer for City Road is that we will be a people who feel the pain and need of the world, and respond accordingly. I pray that we take time to look around us and take note of the various struggles of our neighbors. May we be a people of compassion, reaching beyond ourselves to offer Christ’s love to a world in need.

God has put us in this place to be a beacon of love and light to the people of Madison. May that light burn bright as we live as disciples of Jesus Christ.