Advent and Christmas 2019 at City Road Chapel

One of ways that our Christian tradition shapes our lives is celebrating special seasons commemorating different events in the life of Jesus Christ. One of the most meaningful seasons of the year for many is Advent which leads into the celebration of Christ’s birth on Christmas day.

Advent is a season observed on the four Sundays before Christmas. Advent derives from the Latin adventus, which means “coming.” This is a season focused on the comings of Christ — both his birth which we celebrate at Christmas and his future return that we anticipate. Just as we wait for Christ to return someday, we likewise are called to not jump too quickly into the observance of Christmas, remembering that Mary and Joseph had to wait for 9 months before they could experience the coming of God’s light into the world.

During Advent, we decorate our church to remind us that the Light of the World is indeed coming. The color purple is used to remind us of the coming King. We also spend time in reflection and prayer, asking God to guide us in our lives today. Advent is a time for us to slow down and think about the meaning of Christ coming into the world.

Christmas is (of course) the celebration of the birth of Jesus. While many traditions have risen up about the observance of Christmas, the main focus is on our belief that God became flesh (Emmanuel) and walked among us. The season of Christmas lasts from the celebration of Christ’s birth on December 24 through the Day of Epiphany (or the Day of Revelation), which are the 12 days of Christmas.

City Road Chapel is pleased to have a variety of activities that help us connect to the meaning of Advent and Christmas. We hope that you will consider joining us as we prepare the way for the Christ child to come into the world.

Click here to see a few of the resources and opportunities we have available this season.

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