Chasing Francis — Week 3 (10/22/2023)

Preparing for the Conversation

Assignment for this week:

  • Please read Chapter 3of Chasing Francis

Reflection Questions:

  • Review Kenny and Chase’s conversation in the Brancacci Chapel. For you, has the Bible been more of a painting (a grand story) or a black-and-white photograph (a history of ideas that can be scientifically dissected or inductively slices)?
  • Brian McLaren suggests that we are all part of a story that we find ourselves in. What is the grand story that you are a part of? How does God fit into that story? How does knowing that story affect your life?
  • How do you respond to Kenny’s statement that “…no one tradition has a corner on the faith market. Sharing the wisdom each of our traditions bring to the table will create more well-rounded Christians. Francis was a Catholic, an evangelical street preacher, a radical social activist, a contemplative who devoted hours to prayer, a mystic who had direct encounters with God, and someone who worshiped with all the enthusiasm and spontaneity of a Pentecostal. He was a wonderful integration of many of the theological streams we have today.”
    Do you agree the the multifaceted nature of the Body of Christ has wisdom and practices we can learn from one another? What practices from other traditions do you need to incorporate into your own journey?

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