Chasing Francis — Week 1 (October 8, 2023)

Preparing for the Conversation

Assignment for this week:

  • Please read Chapter 1 of Chasing Francis

Reflection Questions:

  • The book is told from an evangelical megachurch pastor’s perspective as he goes through a crisis of faith. The answers that have sustained his faith for many years no longer seem adequate and he is going through what St. John of the Cross called “The dark night of the soul.” Have you ever experienced a crisis of faith like the one Chase is facing in his life?
  • How would you describe the nature of Chase’s faith crisis? What are the struggles and doubts that he is facing?
  • We currently live in the great dechurching of American society, with the fastest growth among those who claim no religion (the nones) or who have left religion behind (the dones). Why is it that the American church seems to fall short in it’s appeal, most especially among younger generations?
  • Many church attendees often fell afraid to voice their questions and doubts for fear of judgment. How can we make church a place where everyone can feel safe to voice doubts and struggles and still feel valued and accepted? 

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