In Our Prayers — 9/6/2023

Please keep the following individuals or situations in your prayers:

  • Ray Speer (Bill Howard’s friend) who is dealing with cancer
  • Angela Miller asks for prayers for Melba Lewis
  • Sheryl McIlvain and the Heitzman family in the death of her sister
  • Inez Haynes (a friend of Judy Wilson) who is dealing with multiple health issues
  • Scott Brunette dealing with cancer
  • Judi Jones
  • Esther WaldenBrandy Wilkins (Carolyn Dorris’s granddaughter)
  • Lydia McGuire — Lupus
  • Sam and Elaine Moore
  • Dorri Donnell Stanfill (Anita Kay Schofill’s daughter)
  • Tommie Jean Moore, dealing with cancer
  • Joy Luthy
  • Rick Bride
  • Darlene Craddock (friend of Nancy and Jimmy Rager) dealing with cancer
  • Paul Bush (Jimmie Douglas’s brother)
  • Clint Camp (Kay Camp’s son)
  • Fred and Linda Tudor (friends of Peggy Hickman’s)
  • The residents of our Mobile Housing Navigation Center
  • Linda Bingaman (Jerry’s mom)

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