A Vespers Walk — Connecting Body and Spirit

Recently, our pastor Jay took up a new practice of walking and prayer on the walking track at City Road Chapel. Finding this a moving experience, he reached out to folks across the community to see if there was any interest among others about an intentional time of walking and prayer/meditation a couple of nights a week. That conversation has led to the creation of “A Vespers Walk,” which will begin on Monday, August 22, 2022, from 5-7 p.m. in the City Road Chapel gym. 

A Vespers Walk draws on the evening prayer service found in monasteries throughout the world (the vespers service). On Monday and Wednesday evenings, the walking track will be open for folks to walk. There will be meditative music playing and the focus will be on turning inward while also engaging the body in physical activity. The hope is that involving both body and spirit will help connect the two. Additionally, there will be artwork and other prompts to help guide participants in their experience.

For more information about A Vespers Walk, please email Pastor Jay at pastor@cityroadchapel.org.

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