New Organizational Structure Being Proposed

As we shared last week, our Committee on Leadership has been considering how our church is organized for ministry and will be recommending the adoption of a “one-board” model of leadership at a called Charge Conference on December 15, 2021. This model of leadership combines our administrative committees (Finance, Trustees, SPRC) into a single board which takes on the tasks of those groups. The Leadership Board will consist of 12 members with our Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and our Pastor serving as ex-officio members without vote. The Committee on Leadership met this week to finalize the details of this proposed structure and the guidelines can be found at No member of the board will serve more than three years, and we will be replacing 4 members per year.

The “one-board” structure is being adopted by many United Methodist churches throughout the area in the recognition that it is becoming more and more difficult to fully staff the old committee structure. The Book of Discipline allows churches to simplify their leadership structure with the approval of the District Superintendent and all the provisions in the new plan comply with requirements in the Discipline. The combining of the administrative committees into a single board also simplifies decision-making on complex issues that involve multiple functions (such as building decisions that would have to be considered by the trustees, finance committee, and church council under our current structure).

If you have questions about this proposal, please contact Pastor Jay or one of the members of the Committee on Leadership (Jim Neely, Philip and Faye Brown, Bill Howard, Jane Armour, and Janet Pasinger).

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