Celebrating the Saints this Sunday, 11/1/2020

In the life of the church, the first Sunday in November is a very special day, not because we are recovering from All Hallows Eve, but because we are remembering those who have gone to be with God on All Saints Day. Each year, we remember our members and friends who have died in the past year, calling out their names to honor and memorialize them.

In past years, we have given a rose to family members as the names are called, but due to the need for social distancing, we are lighting special candles. Family members are encouraged to take the candle for their loved ones with them at the end of the service.

While is it our tradition to call out the names of our members, we know that many of us have lost family and loved ones to death this year. We will have jar candles available and ask you to take one if you have a person or persons you would like to lift up. We will have Sharpies available and encourage you to write their names on the candle and bring it to the altar as we come forward for communion.

While the details above relate to our in-person worship service, we recognize that many are still participating from home. There will be a special moment in the Prime service where we will name our members and friends who have gone. If you have a loved one whose name you would like to scroll by on the screen, please email Jay their names at pastor@cityroadchapel.org  by the end of the day on Thursday, October 29, 2020.

We believe that Sunday will be a great day of worship as ALL the saints come together at the throne of God. Make sure to be a part of that celebration.

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