Navigating Our Video Worship Options

As we have resumed in-person worship, we are offering a couple of options for your viewing at home.

For the time being, we are continuing to produce the “Prime” worship videos in the belief that they are a better worship experience for folks watching on their TV’s or computer screens at home.  Prime is specifically designed to view on a small screen and we are hoping to continue this method of communication as there are folks throughout the community and even as far away as Missouri and Texas who watch regularly.

We are also live-streaming our Sunday morning worship services at 9 a.m. CT via YouTube (which we find to be more stable than Facebook Live). Our technical capabilities are much more limited, and this is mainly an option for those who want to “peek in” on what is happening on Sunday morning.

In order to try and better organize our video options, we have created pages for each form of worship options.

To see the latest Prime offering as well as an archive of all of our past shows, please visit

To see the live stream and an archive of “live” worship services, please visit

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