New signs to help folks get around

As most folks know, navigating our building isn’t always the easiest thing to do. One of the struggles is helping folks to know which entrance is which, especially since we haven’t always been clear about the names of our various entrances.

Although there aren’t a lot of folks accessing the building at this time, as we’ve added tenants and moved to drive-through communion and child dropoffs for our CDC, it’s become more important to identify our various entrances. This week we installed new signs to help as they access our building.

For our purposes, we are identifying the glass door entrance off the parking lot as our “main entrance.”  Since this is the primary entrance most people use to access the office, the child development center, and our Welcome Center, it is the most used entrance in the church.


Although many of us know it as the “ramp entrance,” most folks coming to the church don’t know about the ramp, so we are now calling that the Gallatin Pike Entrance. This allows handicapped accessibility to the sanctuary when we are able to meet in that space again.


As we started to rent space to partners in our Neely’s Bend Building, we attempted to rename the building the “Community Resources Center.” However, we found this to confuse many people who tried to access the building seeking personal assistance. Thus, we have changed the name to identify that entrance as the Neely’s Bend Entrance.

Our hope in making these changes is to help newcomers to our church and the community have a better sense of how to access the various ministries of our church.

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