Help one of our own be in ministry this summer…


My name is Steven Stinson and I am going to be the Senior High Camp Director this summer at Mountain T.O.P. I am trying to raise my salary for the summer, and need some help to do so. This will be my third summer on staff at the mountain, but this one, in particular, is going to be really important to me. Not only is it going to be a reason to get off the couch and leave home, but it is a great way to reach out in all of the chaos in the world right now and make it a little better for everyone involved. This job and everything related to it is super important to me, and any form of support in this endeavor is really appreciated. If you would like to partner with me and find out how you can help, contact me at any time. I won’t have anything better to do. Thank you so much!

Cell Phone: (615) 945-6424

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