Prime Worship for May 3, 2020 — What does it mean to be church today?

Opening Prayer:

Let us pray:
God of the ages,
we come into your presence with praise,
singing of your love which is never-ending.
Speak to our hearts today,
filling us with your peace and hope
and the knowledge that the light has come,
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
God, for ever and ever.

Psalm of the Day:

Psalm 23
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The Story of Our Faith:

Acts 2:42-47
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Questions for Reflection:

This passage represents the first description of Christ’s church and has been an inspiration for many reformers throughout the years.

  • How do you think your church experience conforms to this description?
  • Why do you think this form of church was so attractive to others?
  • What would need to change in our church today to be able to be described in this way?

Prayers of the Community:

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1 thought on “Prime Worship for May 3, 2020 — What does it mean to be church today?”

  1. I am so happy to have this sermon on Sunday morning I use it as a time to make Sunday a little different from every other day of the week. Since we are not going to church all the days seem just alike and so I set aside time on Sunday morning just so my day will be different.


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