Inclement Weather for 12/9/2018

Friends, our worship leaders have been in conversation about worship tomorrow given the possibility of bad weather, and here’s what we are thinking:

1) Canceling the 8 a.m. service to allow a bit more time for the precipitation to pass.

2) We are still planning on holding worship at 10 a.m. HOWEVER, if you don’t feel safe coming to church then don’t come.

3) Sunday School is up to the individual classes. Y’all decide among yourselves what you want to do.

We don’t have a standard policy for canceling worship and have generally functioned under the understanding that if the preacher can make it, then 2 or more shall gather. Just a reminder that if Metro Schools are closed for weekday activities, church activities (not including the Child Development Center) are canceled.

Stay warm and stay safe.


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