Ready, Set, Go! The end is in sight!!!

Last night, the leaders of our church met as the Church Council, and in the course of our business received a report from the Finance Team. According to Joy Campbell, church treasurer, our current balance on our loan is right at $147,000. She also shared that we currently have over $70,000 raised to pay on that amount, meaning that we are just over $70,000 from paying off the loan in a three year period.

When we borrowed the money to replace the Educational Build HVAC system ($600,000) I and others in leadership thought we were likely looking at having this debt with us for at least 10 years. Certainly, none of us thought that we’d be this close to retiring this debt as quickly as we have. God is indeed good and we have been blessed by almost all measures. Also, pat yourself on the back for a job well done as folks have expressed their ongoing commitment to the ministry of our church.

We are SO close and we can do this!!! Let’s make it our goal to get this loan entirely paid off in 2018. That is achievable if we draw together and make a final push.

Thanks to the Lord for God’s faithfulness as we celebrate this important milestone in our life together.


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  1. The Fellowship and Play is already planning a”Victory Lap Party” We have the checkered flags ordered! Jpj


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