Carrying Out the Work of Growing in Christ and Sharing God’s Love


This proposed leadership structure is not a radical shift from what we are doing, but rather is an attempt to recognize our current needs and situation, and create a leadership structure that responds to those needs. It isn’t perfect by any means, but we think addresses the core needs of our congregation while conforming to the requirements of the Book of Discipline. However, the success of this structure is dependent on identifying leaders who are spiritually rooted and who have the passion and energy needed to inspire others for the work that God is calling us to do.

As such, the Nominations and Lay Leadership Committee is committed to the work of training leaders for service. It is our goal to offer regular leadership training events which cover both the pragmatic aspects of leadership (how to run a meeting, how to communicate about programs, etc.) as well as the spiritual aspects.

All of us in leadership are called to be stewards of God’s grace and work at City Road Chapel. More than anyone else in the church we must always be focused on how we are growing in Christ and sharing God’s love. May we come together in Christ to share God’s amazing love to Madison and the entire world.




[1] “Outreach” is sometimes understood to be the work of evangelism in some communities, while others use it to describe ministries of service. Our practice has been the latter, but we propose the name change to reflect that it is focused on reaching out to meet the needs of our community in tangible ways.

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