Carrying Out the Work of Growing in Christ and Sharing God’s Love

Resource Stewards

The Book of Discipline mandates the creation of 4 committees to oversee the management of the resources of the church. These stewards are charged with both providing the resources needed to carry out the work of the church, and managing those resources so that they are not wasted. Both the mandate from The Discipline and the fact that they are dealing with money, staff, assets, etc. can give these committees great power in determining the direction of the church. However, the more correct understanding is that these committees are servants to the work of discipleship and sharing. Their work is not about managing the church, but working to ensure that discipleship and sharing are happening by providing the resources needed for that work.

Finance Team

The Finance Team works to ensure that our church has the financial resources needed to carry out the ministries of our church, including program development and operations, building and administration, and staff resources. The Finance Team is charged with both being good stewards of the resources God has given us, and with working with the congregation to raise the funds needed to carry out the work of God’s church.

The Finance Team is composed of a chairperson, a secretary, and the chairpersons of the Church Council, the Trustees, and the Staff Parish Relations Committee. Additionally the team includes the lay leader and other at-large members as determined by the Committee on Nominations and Lay Leadership.

The Book of Discipline also mandates that the church elect a treasurer and a financial secretary, who are ex-officio members of the Finance Team. The financial secretary is responsible for receiving funds and ensuring that they are appropriately deposited and credited to the right accounts. The treasurer is responsible for disbursing funds to the appropriate vendors and recipients.

Nominations and Lay Leadership Team

As mentioned earlier, the Nominations and Lay Leadership Team is charged with providing the structure and persons necessary to carrying out the work of the church. This includes evaluating our current structure and proposing changes as needed to the Church Council for review and adoption, recruiting leaders to oversee the work of ministry in our church, and training persons so that they are prepared for the task of leadership.

The Nominations and Lay Leadership Team is chaired by the pastor, and is composed of 6 to 9 members who are elected for 3 year terms on a rotating basis. The Lay Leader serves as a full member of the team.

Staff Parish Relations Committee

The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) serves as the liaison between the congregation and the appointed clergy of the church, as well as representing the church to the bishop and cabinet related to staffing needs in the church. SPRC also determines the staffing needs of the congregation and makes provision (in conversation with the Finance Committee and Church Council) for those needs.

The SPRC is composed of 9 members elected in three classes for 3 year terms. All members must be professed members of the church, and one member must be a young adult. No family members of paid staff can serve on this committee, and two members of the same family shall not serve together. The Lay Leader and Lay Member to Annual Conference serve as ex-officio members of the church.


The Trustees are charged with the oversight of the “real” assets of the church, such as our buildings, properties, and investments which are held in trust for the Annual Conference. They also serve as the official officers of our church as a legal corporation in Tennessee and represent our church for any legal situations that may arise.

The Trustees are composed of 9 members elected in three classes for 3 year terms. Two-thirds of the members must be professing members of the church, and the members of the committee elect their own chairperson. It has been the policy of our church in recent years that at least one member per each class be female.

The Church Council

The Book of Discipline mandates that the church shall elect a Church Council, which is the body of the church charged with the primary and ultimate administrative and programmatic oversight of the work of our church. The primary goal of the Church Council is the discernment of God’s vision and mission for our church, and coordinating the various ministries of the church to ensure that all are working to fulfilling the same vision and mission. The Church Council also serves as the Charge Conference when designated by the Bishop and/or District Superintendent, representing the City Road congregation to the annual conference and the general United Methodist Church.

The membership of the Church Council includes:

  • Chairperson
  • Recording Secretary
  • Lay Leader
  • Lay Member to Annual Conference
  • Treasurer
  • Finance Secretary
  • The chairpersons of all committees and teams:
    • Adult Formation Chair
    • Youth Formation Chair
    • Worship Ministries Chair
    • Discovery and Connect Team Chair
    • Fellowship and Play Team Chair
    • Prayer and Care Ministries Team Chair
    • The Community Connections Team Chair
    • The CDC/MDO Team Chair
  • At-large members as determined by the Nominations and Lay Leadership Committee

The Church Council should meet at least quarterly, with the goal of evaluation, discernment, and planning.

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