Monday Update for 8/14/2017

Howdy y’all! I hope you are having a great day.

Here are a few things for your edification this morning:

First, I had a chance to visit Charles Woodall and Eddie McIlvain this morning. Charles is struggling with cellulitis in his legs and will likely be in the hospital at Skyline for several more days. Eddie is preparing to move to Lifecare in Old Hickory this week after struggling with some side effects from his knee replacement surgery. Both greatly appreciate your prayers!

Mary Lee Moore also emailed that her sister is back in the hospital related to side effects from her cancer treatment. Mary Lee appreciates your prayers and asks that we continue to pray for her sister.

Speaking of prayer, this past Sunday Millie made the suggestion that folks come forward during the prayer time as we prayed for our nation in the light of the violence this past weekend in Charlottesville. I really liked having folks at the rail with me for that prayer time and after talking with a few folks we are going to transition our “Pastoral Prayer” into the “Prayers of the People” and I want to invite any who feel led to join me at the rail as I lead that prayer time. I’m really convinced that we can’t pray together enough, and it’s an important symbol of our life together to gather in a public way for prayer.

Hey, don’t forget that WOW (Worship Outside the Walls) Sunday will be here week after next. We’ve had a good response of folks signing up for projects so far. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to look at the projects and sign up for any or all that you an interested in working with.

This coming Sunday will be the last of our sermons in the Summer of Love series. What I’m hoping to do will be to wrap up all we’ve talked about through the summer, suggesting that we are called to be a community of embrace — loving God and one another with our heart, soul, mind, and strength. It’s the call to agape that will lead us the week after to reach out to others with God’s love. I hope and pray that our journey through love has spurred you to think about the place of love in your life, and challenged you to embrace God, one another, and the world in profound ways.

Folks regularly ask me why we aren’t posting recordings of my sermons on our website. In all honesty, it’s simply because we haven’t identified someone to take on this task, and I simply don’t have the time to edit the weekly worship services (we have to cut out the music because of copyright concerns). There are also Sundays where we simply forgot to hit the record button, and thus we don’t have a recording of that Sunday. What I’m hoping to do for this Summer’s series is to create a podcast which we’ll place on the website outlining the content of each week’s sermon as a way of connecting to what we’ve thought about together. Be looking for that in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for all you do for God’s work here in Madison. I appreciate all of you more than you know.

Have a great week!


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  1. Looking forward to the podcast. I have a couple of folks to share that with, that are kinda anti-church. Good way to love ’em in!


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