Update from the Road Crew Transportation Team

The Road Crew transportation team met last night to consider where we are headed in our goal to help people make it to worship on Sunday mornings. This has been an important service in the past, and we are evaluating the best ways to move foreward.

We especially want to thank Richard Scott for his leadership over the past 8 years. Richard has been faithful in scheduling and coordinating with the drivers and we are all thankful for his service.

After thinking about where we are and where would like to go the group decided to take a hiatus on Sunday morning pickups for the next 4-6 weeks as we focus on recruiting new drivers. We are look for 2 – 4 additional persons who would be able to give approximately 2 hours on Sunday to drive a specific pickup route. The hope is to have enough drivers that we could rotate on a bi-monthly basis.

Additionally we are wanting to promote the transportation service in several facilities where we regularly pickup people for the community meal. The goal is to have a set route and schedule so folks will know clearly when and where they need to be for pickup.

We are thankful for our current drivers: Randy Chance, Stan Simmons, Steve McCreedy, and Bill Howard. We hope you will think about joining this team as we work to bring new people into our church.

If you have questions about the Road Crew transporation team, please email Jay Voorhees at jvoorhees@cityroadchapel.org.

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