Preparing for our youth MountainT.O.P experience

Our youth will be heading to the mountain the first week in June for their annual mission trip experience led by MountainT.O.P. As they are preparing to go, we have the following needs:

Tool Donations

Every year for our mission trip to Appalachia, we are required to provide certain tools. City Road has accumulated many of these tools over the years, but we are still short a few. If you can lend us any of the following from June 3-10, we would be forever appreciative:

  • 2 cordless drills
  • 1 corded drill
  • 1 set of drill bits
  • 1 extension cord
  • 1 circular saw
  • 2 socket wrench sets.

All tools will be clearly labeled and will be returned to you in equal condition, or replaced.

Faithful Male Counselor

While we’ve identified a counselor that can fill in from the MountainT.O.P organization, we always prefer to send counselors of each sex from our church so that on-going relationships can be built. Esther Walden will be accompanying our group to Mountain TOP from June 4-10, so we are seeking a man to go with the group as well! It is a life-changing experience. Please contact Pastor Emily at if you are interested. There is, of course, no charge to you.

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