Holy Week at City Road Chapel

Holy Week, which begins this Sunday, April 9, 2017, is the traditional week of preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday (April 16). The week focuses in a special way on Jesus’ time in Jerusalem, and especially the story of his arrest, trial, and crucifixion. Throughout the week disciples … Read more

Gathering in Love on Holy Wednesday

This coming Sunday (April 9) the church moves into a special season of reflection on the passion of Jesus Christ known as Holy Week. This week involves several different services which help us think about the meaning of Christ’s crucifixion in our lives as we prepare for the celebration of his resurrection on Easter Sunday. … Read more


Sunday is our Easter Bonnet Parade and Luncheon. Please remember to wear your “Easter Bonnet”. The Easter Parade is at 11:30 a.m. (during lunch). WE need food for Sunday and I have outlined a menu so we can keep it uniformed.  However, please feel free to bring your favorite dish. Menu: Chicken, potatoes or potato … Read more


City Road family and friends, To say that the past month has been eventful for me is a bit of an understatement! The loss of my father the first of March and my health scare this past weekend certainly have come with their challenges. What I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that … Read more