Worship Changes for the Lenten Season

The City Road Chapel Worship Committee on Sunday, Feb. 12 and after much prayer and discussion in pleased to announce the following changes in our Sunday morning worship services during the Lenten season:

We have been concerned with the growing length of the greeting time during the Celebrate! (10 a.m.) service.
Thus, we are going to make some changes to try to allow for a better focus on worship once the service begins. Those changes include:

  • Scaling back the gathering music so as to allow for conversation and greeting before the worship service begins. We encourage you to feel free to roam and most importantly to reach out to guests and others who you may not know during the pre-service time.
  • Losing the greeting time during the praise medley so that we can more consistently focus on the worship experience and our praise of God once the service begins.

This is an experiment during Lent to see how these changes will feel over time. We believe this will enhance our worship experience, but are open to changing back if we find it doesn’t work.

We have had some folks express an interest in a Sunday worship experience that includes a weekly communion.
Thus, throughout the season of Lent, we will be serving communion each week during the Legacy (8 a.m.) service. This will involve a simple liturgy of thanks and consecration, and communion will be served by intinction with the exception of the first Sundays.

It has been several years since we have significantly changed our worship services and we wanting to use this season of Lent as a time to experiment and determine if there are better ways forward.

If you have any questions about these changes please talk to Jay Voorhees or Jane Armour.

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