Artists Needed for Stations of the Cross Experience

The beginning of the season of Lent is just a week away, and we are looking for folks who are gifted visually and artistically to help us pull together a special prayer experience for Good Friday (April 14, 2017). You don’t have to have any training or special gifts, but simply an ability to reflect on the scriptures and interpret those themes into a means by which others can connect to the story emotionally, visually, and experientially.

The Stations of the Cross have been practiced by followers of Jesus for hundreds of years as a “pilgrimage” during Holy Week along Jesus’ path to his death and burial. In “walking the stations,” people of faith affirm their own call to “…take up their cross and follow Jesus.” Our Stations experience will involve a self-guided trip to various prayer stations that invite reflection on Christ’s gift to the world. The experience concludes with communion in the City Road Sanctuary, hosted by our pastors.

An additional resource this year will be a series of posters like the one above which will be colored by members of our church as a means of connecting us to the story. If you love to color and would be willing to help with each of the 14 stations, please email Emily Grammer at

For more information on The Stations of the Cross please contact Jay Voorhees or Emily Grammer.



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