Shadetree uses pretzels to teach about prayer

Editor’s note: The following is an update from Shadetree Leader Susan Hagewood about our last Shadetree outing. Shadetree is our outreach ministry to children in the River Retreat apartment complex. 

Thanks to everyone who helped to make yesterday such a great experience. Esther outdid herself on the pretzel dipping activity. The children loved making them – and eating them – and they will never look at another pretzel again without thinking of praying!

We had 15 children total and 8 adults. Peggy led the children in prayer several times throughout our session including playing the prayer game “Bounce” to which the children responded each time, “Hear our prayer, O Lord.”

Cannon, our future teacher, taught us several prayer songs and we even sang one in rounds. As we were talking about prayer, she also shared the acronym “TALK” to help us know how to talk to God. T is for “take the time”; A is for “Ahhhh, make sure it’s quiet”; L is for “learn from God’s word”; and K is for “Keep a prayer plan”.

Angela worked with the children as they made valentines for their families and friends. They had such a good time with the stickers and stamps, and were so excited to glue on Hershey’s chocolate Hugs and Kisses. (A special thank you to Angela and Jameyon for sweeping up the sprinkles that didn’t make it on the pretzels!)

Vicki and Leah handed out delicious heart shaped cookies and apple juice to the kids and also made take home bags that included prayer coloring sheets, crayons, pretzels, and other goodies. Esther had included some of the dipped pretzels for them to have and then they were able to bag up what they had made to give away with a card that said “God loves you and so do I.”

Thank you, Ray, for always setting up, making sure we have what we need, and being there for technical and moral support.

We are all making a difference in the lives of these sweet children and oh my goodness, how we are blessed! We missed those of you who couldn’t be there but we hope to see everyone next month on March 12th.


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