An Update from our friends at Raise the Roof

Our friends over at Raise the Roof Academy just sent out their regular newsletter, which includes the story of Betty, one of their friends:

One such story is Betty and her sons, John and Martin. When Betty’s sons were admitted to RTRA, she was ecstatic and could not stop thanking everyone. Betty’s animated gratitude and joy is understandable when we look into her story. Betty lost three children to HIV/AIDS and before RTRA, she took on every odd job in the village with hopes that she could earn an income to send her sons to school. All this changed when her sons got sponsored and they began attending RTRA. Betty has not stopped. She now pours all her energy into RTRA as a volunteer.

Click here to hear more of Betty’s story, and to learn about the upcoming Hike2Heal event in April to help raise funds for Raise the Roof.



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