Christian Cooperative Ministry Update for 2016

Last year, Christian Cooperative Ministry (CCM) distributed 5,635 emergency food boxes that provided meals for 3 days for 14,035 people. In addition, 4,065 sack lunches were given to homeless people in our community. Your generous donations and contributions are the reason that CCM could serve elderly and disabled adults, parents with young children, families in crisis because of loss of employment or illness, and people without a home.

People often ask what CCM needs the most. Prayer always tops the list of needs. Next comes a need for volunteers, who are the heart and hands of CCM. And there is always a need for items to fill food boxes and lunch sacks; donations of macaroni & cheese, cereal, soup, and Vienna sausages are appreciated.

Never doubt the impact of CCM’s work. Every day people express their gratitude for CCM with words, hugs and tears. Thank you for making this ministry possible.

Questions? Please contact Peggy Hickman or Jim Neely, City Road’s CCM representatives.

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