A Prayer for A Lost Officer

This morning Officer Eric Mumaw from the Madison Precinct of the Metro Nashville Police Department sacrificed his life in his attempt to save another. We mourn today the loss of this servant to our community and pray for his family and all who loved him in their loss.

God of the ages,
who knows us better than we know ourselves,
we lift up your servant Eric to your love and care. 
Eric sacrificed his life in the pursuit of saving another,
taking seriously his call to help his neighbor
as we would want help ourselves. 
We mourn this loss today,
and ask for a special measure of your grace to be offered
to his family, his friends, and all who were served by Officer Mumaw,
and we pray for all our community servants who mourn today
knowing that they commit themselves to give their all
so that others might be safe and live. 
Be with the people of Madison
and transform this tragedy
into an opportunity for unity
as we come together to become all that you want as to be. 
May you bring forth light in the midst of our darkness,
hope in the midst of our sorrow,
and the love that passes all understanding. 
We ask this in the name of the one who sacrificed his life
so that we all may live. 

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