A Message from our Staff Parish Relations Committee

As required by the United Methodist Book of Discipline, the Staff Parish Relations Committee is beginning the process of consultation with the District Superintendent regarding the appointment of a pastor to our church. We ask for your prayers as we seek discernment and the leading of the Holy Spirit during this process. Below is a list of the names and phone numbers of SPRC members in case you would like to offer comments. Please feel free to contact any of them.

  • Emily Stinson, Chair, 615-884-8876, emilystinson@comcast.net
  • Faye Brown 615-865-5540
  • Tony Clouse 615-478-5056
  • Janet Pasinger 615-568-2182
  • Jerry Bingaman 615-672-8295
  • Barry Jones 615-885-2062
  • Bobbie Garrett 615-594-4790
  • Nathan Baker 615-612-3324

Written responses (which we prefer) can be placed in the SPRC box behind the reception desk. Please have all responses to us by February 19.

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