Easter2016 — The Celebration of the Resurrection


For sure, we all want to make our moms and grandmas happy, and that’s not a bad reason to attend worship on Easter Sunday.

However, the reason we will gather and celebrate on Sunday, March 27 will be to remember and celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You see, for folks of faith, the event of the resurrection changed everything. Where once we had lived in fear, now the power of sin and death has been overcome and we are given hope of life abundant. Jesus’s rising from the dead transformed his followers and brought forth our existence as a church. Without the resurrection all we have is a charismatic martyr. With the resurrection we have the presence of God bringing forth new life to all!

We want to invite all who want to know more about Jesus, his resurrection, and the love of God to join us for our services on Easter Sunday. Mama will be happy for sure, but we hope you will walk away with an experience of the love of God which will fill you with joy and leave you wanting to know a little bit more.

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