Happy September 1

Howdy y’all,

Yes, I know I’m a day late with my weekly check-in but I couldn’t get my brain in gear yesterday and had to put writing to you off until today. It’s an interesting day here at City Roady, for sure. Our Mother’s Day Out program kicked into gear about an hour ago, our contractors from Beltline Services are starting the work on the HVAC system overhaul, and there is the normal run of phone calls and knocks on the door of people in need desperately looking for help.

Last week Emily and I attended a meeting of Madison community leaders to talk about the issue of homelessness in our area and how we might coordinate more effectively in addressing the needs of our homeless friends while also protecting the needs of area businesses. The solutions are complicated for the reality of our city is that affordable housing simply doesn’t exist, and the options for addressing poverty, addiction, mental illness, and all the other factors contributing to homelessness are limited. The good news from my perspective is that our church recognizes our place in serving the least of these and many of us are trying to think creatively about ways that we can offer a cup of cool water in the name of Jesus. Some really amazing ideas are beginning to sprout, and I hope you will be praying for God’s guidance as we discern how we can best be in relationship with our neighbors.

We have some fun stuff coming up real soon as well. Carol Simmons is working to pull together a Titans Tailgate Party after church on Sunday, September 27 in the parking lot. Be watching for more details, but this will be an awesome Sunday afternoon experience.

This past week saw the end of our Genesis study on Thursday mornings, and the group has decided to move to a New Testament book for our focus. Every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. we’ll be studying the Gospel of Matthew. These have been great times of conversation and learning, and if you haven’t come yet we hope you will give it a chance.

Of course, every Wednesday we continue to host our Vespers mid-week prayer and communion service, in the chapel. These have been rich times of prayer and conversation on the scriptures for folks of all ages, and I truly think you will experience God’s presence in our time together.

I believe that God is doing great things in our midst. But as I said yesterday, if they aren’t filled with love then they are worth nothing.

May we be a people filled with and guided by the love of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Have a good week.


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