Advent Devotion for December 6, 2014

Mark 11:27-33

Questioning Authority? Hmmmm….We’ve all done this in some shape or form. Arguing with parents as teenagers (or adults!), disregarding rules we don’t like, even breaking them (speeding, anyone?). The song lyrics say, “I fight Authority, Authority always wins!” The context is real, I think.

The Sanhedrin was questioning Jesus, possibly trying to trip him up. He answers with a question about John’s baptism. He knows what they are doing, and he doesn’t rise to the bait.

Thousands of years later, we don’t question His authority. We know it is supreme. We are moved by the vision of the scruffy man who proclaimed His arrival while disturbing and inspiring those who heard him, pouring water over our Lord.

Even as we know that His authority is sovereign, we still struggle with it at times. Our human stuff gets in the way. We fail. We hurt others, knowingly or not. We forget to put Him first, and suffer for it. Thankfully, we know that He is always there, loving us and holding out His arms for us to step into His embrace. Praise God! We have hope!

Prepare the way for Him! Get your hearts ready! He is coming!

Prayer: Father, we love you so much! We need you desperately. Thank you for loving us with a love that will never let go. Help us to do your will, and to love each other and care for each other.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Submitted by: Janet Pasinger

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