Advent Devotion for December 5, 2014

Jeremiah 1:4-10

 From the beginning, the Bible gives examples of God calling people to some purpose. Jeremiah is called at a young age, and as seems traditional with those who receive His call, has a ready explanation as to why God must be mistaken: “I am but a boy.” God gives his usual answer: that He knows what He is doing, will put the words in Jeremiah’s mouth, and that He stands beside him.

 The special thing about this particular example of God’s call is the context in which it is placed. God had plans for Jeremiah before he was even conceived, and God reminds Jeremiah that He knew him (God and child) in the womb.

 God’s relationship with us transcends time. It starts before we are conceived. The connection is there from the first spark of life, and continues beyond our earthly lives. When I read passages about God’s eternal relationship with us, I am reminded of the description of Christ’s relationship with the world that is in the first chapter of John. In the beginning the word was with God and was God. And it became flesh. The relationship that started “in the beginning” continued in the flesh with the coming of the Christ Child. And that relationship did not end when he physically left the earth, because it was there before we were born, He is with us always, He will put words in our mouths, He is there for all nations, and the relationship continues on. And on. And on.

Prayer: Eternal God, help us to feel that eternal connection with you. The one that was there when only you were aware of it, the one we become aware of through Jesus, the one that never ends. Amen

Submitted by: Jim Havron

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