Advent Devotional for Dec. 3, 2014

Luke 21:34-38

In the CEV of the Bible, verses 34, 35 & 36 read: “Don’t spend all of your time thinking about eating or drinking or worrying about life. If you do, the final day will suddenly catch you like a trap. That day will surprise everyone on earth. Watch out and keep praying that you can escape all that is going to happen and that the Son of Man will be pleased with you.”

In this day and time there is so much around us that is evil, or not the best way for us to live. We must spend our time thinking good thoughts and doing good deeds. If we spend our time doing these things, and reading the Bible and praying daily, then no matter when Jesus returns, we will be ready.

By leaving the door open just a little, by some unkind word or unkind deed or thought, evil can slip up on us. We must know, when we lay down at night, that we have done the very best we could to be more like Jesus. After all, it is the small things that get us down. We have to keep doing “the little things” right. Then “the big things” will be easy.

Prayer: Gracious and Loving God, help us to be faithful in the small things as well as the large tasks. We want to live our lives for you daily. Amen

Submitted by: Millie Grammer

1 thought on “Advent Devotional for Dec. 3, 2014”

  1. AMEN, I must live my life as if it’s my last. The old song is correct …”Each day I do, a golden deed…”


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