Remembering Our Saints this Sunday

saints_5236cThis coming Sunday, November 2, the City Road Chapel United Methodist Church will be observing All Saints Sunday, in which we remember those of our members who have died in the past year.

All Saints Sunday represents a long tradition in Christianity in which we acknowledge and celebrate the “communion of saints” mentioned in the holy scriptures, who worship in the heavenly realms and who (as the writer of Hebrews reminds us) are cheering us on in our labors on earth.

Our worship this Sunday will include a “special roll call of the saints” in which those who have died in the past year will be read as a part of our communion liturgy. A rose will be given to the family members of each saint as a token of our support for these families in their grief. We are also inviting all worship participants to submit a card with the names of loved ones who have died this year to be acknowledges in our worship tomorrow.

The All Saints Sunday is always a meaningful time of worship and we hope you will make sure to be present this Sunday.

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